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Artist Statement

Cold, hard, immovable steel and beautiful, graceful, lines, shapes and patterns are the oppositions which inspire my work.  I work as a blacksmith to achieve balance between these properties.  The challenge is to acquire elegance through an exciting process of transforming one into another.  There is a satisfaction to creating an object from an inherently cold
material, which is both sophisticated and warm.
The desire to create a graceful shape begins in the fire.  Metal is placed in a forge at temperatures of up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. From the fire it is taken and the process of altering it’s shape begins. I use a hammer to draw out the surface and exploit the metal’s momentary elasticity. The process of heating and hammering takes place every few minutes until the piece is complete. Ultimately the piece is converted from bars of steel to a functional object with balance, warmth and
My work has come from a very utilitarian style to one that exemplifies grace, and movement.  I continue to strive for stability between the functionality of the object created and pure sculptural form.  The qualities of light, texture and shadow constantly inspire and test my creativity. These characteristics move me closer to resolving the contradiction that
inspires my work.

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Photo by: Jon Michael Riley